A bonus experience specifically designed to uplevel your membership launch results

Valued at £5017 and yours free when you join TRIBE with our link

(and yes you still get all the amazing TRIBE bonuses too!)

A bonus experience specifically designed to uplevel your membership launch results

Valued at £5017 and yours free when you join TRIBE with our link

(and yes you still get all the amazing TRIBE bonuses too!)

A bonus experience designed to get you better launch results

Whether you love launches or hate them – there’s no hiding from the fact you need a way to launch and grow your membership (there’s no better way than an engaging launch event!)

The amazing thing about the TRIBE program is that Stu is going to go through the process of designing and launching a membership.

And what do you think it would do for your results if you had a specialist launch coach by your side?

And that coach not only had their own success membership business, knew TRIBE inside out and had coached hundreds of membership site owners through their launch journeys?

And imagine… if you had all the swipes, launch plans and resources you could possibly need to launch!

Well… you’d not only get you better results, but I’d bet you’d have more fun too.

I’m Laura Phillips, the founder of Love To Launch and I’m here to help you seriously uplevel your membership launches because I know taht having a launch coach by your side on your TRIBE journey is going to seriously help you uplevel your launch results.

What we do at Love To Launch is the perfect combination with TRIBE.

I have a unique perspective on TRIBE

As a TRIBE success story and the only launch coach invited into Stu’s own membership community, I know exactly what support you’re going to need and how to get the best from the program.

My added experience of being a launch strategist & coach and successful membership business owner means you get the benefit of my expertise in the very specific context of launching memberships.

I put together my bonus experience to simplify your membership strategy, speed up your implementation and amplify your launch results.

As a proud partner of Stu’s, when you sign up via my link you’ll get access to my UNIQUE and extra special bonus experience totally FOR FREE. You also get all of Stu’s bonuses too!

This is a coaching experience like no other.

Laura x

Working with Stu has led me to the most fun and success in business I’ve ever had… we both want that for you too!

We’ll also teach you how to do a #StuFace 😉

“Laura has a beautiful way of blending the art & science of launches”

Launching is both an art and a science.

And what I love about Laura is that she has a beautiful way of blending the two and helping people find the launch style that works best for who they are.

That’s why she gets result and why people love working with her.

What Laura teaches is based around proven principles but it also feels good because her strategies are centred around designing a launch that feels fun for you!

So no matter if you’re just starting out and are unsure what to do next or you’ve launched before but didn’t get the results you were looking for, I can’t recommend Laura enough!

Stu McLaren

I’ve included everything you could possibly need

 Coaching  + Accountability  + Launch training

Having helped so many people through launching memberships, and coached hundreds of Stu’s members, I know exactly where you’re going to get stuck on your membership launch journey.

And having done the program multiple times myself, I even know the exact modules and lessons that can bring up challenges along the way.

My mission with my bonus experience is simple – get you launched and on your path to building the membership business of your dreams.

This is our best bonus we’ve ever put together… up to 9 amazing bonuses!

(yes, in addition to all the other TRIBE bonuses!)
1. Launch and Thrive membership

 Three months membership to my coaching program “Launch and Thrive” to give you access to weekly coaching with me, ongoing launch support, training plans and community. You can use this for anything marketing-related and as you progress through TRIBE.

Value – £741

2. Two coaching events

I’m hosting 2 virtual events in our “Membership Marathon” on memberships and launching to help you map out your plan for next-level success. We’re all about #DoingTheWork in our community so its at these events you’ll make huge progress and actually get stuff done instead of just taking notes and learning.

Value – £997

2. Success Path Training

Success Path training to help you complete the Foundation module with more ease & bigger success. Nailing this part will make your launch better and massively increase results, engagement and retention in your membership. We want to help you get there faster and easier.

Value – £297

4. Launch plans & training

You’ll get access to our members-only library for three months, giving you all of our courses, our top-converting launch plans, quick launch campaigns, ads training, swipes and resources – the perfect compliment to TRIBE.

Value – £597

5. My membership debrief

In this “never-before shared” live call I’m going to show you the journey on taking Launch and Thrive from “beta” to a £300k revenue stream including the launch strategy, systems and a few little secrets I learned along the way!

Value – £497

6. Build your own membership site

Create your own low-cost, high-value membership site – step by step training course to show you how to quickly set up a beautiful and easy to use site that gives a wonderful experience to your members. You’ll make a killer impression!

Value – £297

And to sweeten the deal even more….

Up to an extra £1591 of launch bonuses can be yours…

If you’re one of the first 1 to join TRIBE – you’ll get a private quickstart video call with me to get your biggest questions answered. This will help you to hit the ground running and start your TRIBE journey with a bang! But be quick to enrol, these won’t be around for long.

Value – £297

Private launch consultation

When you’ve progressed through the early modules, you’ll be invited to a private launch consultation to map out your launch. These calls are usually only for 6/7 figure launch clients but when you pay in full for TRIBE you get this bonus to help you uplevel your results.

Value – £997

One year license for The Launch Kit

Our brand-new product, only released to our inner circle, is also yours when you pay in full for TRIBE. It features all our top-converting launch pages and everything you’ll need for your launch – yes, you even get this very page template to use for your own!

Value – £297

I want you to be our next launch success story

“We just had our best membership launch ever thanks to Laura”

Jasmine Star – founder of the Social Curator Membership
I have had really successful launches but by the end of them I was always stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed and no matter how good the result that always made me feel disappointed.

I’ll never forget the first time Laura and I spoke and she said she would help me “ love launches” – I told her she had a really tough task because that wasn’t who I am and I didn’t even think it was in me.

I’m here today having had our best launch ever under Laura’s guidance and I can finally say “I love to launch”. I cannot believe that Laura took me from a girl who never liked to launch, to someone who loves to launch.

Not only did we have our best launch ever, not only did we feel so pumped and excited delivering the launch, but we were unbelievably amazed at the results. What Laura did was empower me and my team to do this again and again – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Laura for this. I can’t wait to launch again!

Jasmine Star

“I’ve replaced my corporate income and created a membership that I love”

Natasha Minchella – founder of The Orchard legal membership for coaches
Laura gave me everything I needed to scale my membership – the coaching, the launch plans and the systems. I feel so supported!

I had an existing membership which was doing just fine but I wanted to find a way to scale and help more people without burning out

Oh my goodness I LOVE my membership. It’s a win win – it means I can help more gorgeous coaches get their legal protection in place in a cash flow friendly way….and I also have a recurring revenue stream for my business. It’s great for everyone involved and that feels sooooo good.

Laura helped me create a framework for launching which allowed me to give people a fantastic experience, with so much value and a real taste of what it’s like to work with me.  The thing I love about this is that it creates a great community feeling within the launch and people undergo a real transformation. So when the time comes to shift to selling I don’t feel ‘icky’ at all.

Laura gave me all the support, practical launch templates and systems I could need to help me scale my membership. I feel seen and supported by a coach who genuinely cares, and whose integrity and values completely align with mine.

I feel seen and supported by a coach who genuinely cares, and whose integrity and values completely align with mine.

Natasha Minchella

“Laura helped me take just an idea and launch a 6-figure membership from it”

Maggie Dmochowski – Adelaide Bakes
Laura helped bring ease to my business – I still need to pinch myself that within just months I’ve been able to take an idea and turn it into a reality.

I had great success launching my in-person classes but I wanted to take the business online. Hands on classes are wonderful but I couldn’t physically hold more classes without it severely impacting my health and family life.

I’ve taken what was an idea in my mind for over a year to an online membership with 280 members, bringing in over $100k in revenue annually to my business!

I can stop the time-consuming in-person classes to focus on giving my members the best experience. I’ve learned that launches don’t have to be heavy, in fact the more fun I made the experience and the more I slowed down the ‘selling’ the more responsive my people were. I ended my last launch with an 11% conversion.

Taking the business online in a membership model has given me freedom, I’m now able to stop holding hands on classes, give my members more and feel like I’m impacting more people. At the same time I can spend more quality time with my family and don’t feel exhausted and overwhelmed all the time.

I’ve been given financial stability and my time back. I’m able to make more of an impact on my own community of people.

Maggie Dmochowski

“Laura’s gave me the belief to get started and now I have hundreds of members”

Dan Netting – Life at Lean Track Academy for bikers
Aside from the financial benefits, the sense of community that I’ve created by having my own “club” has truly surprised me. Laura’s belief is what pushed me to start this in the first place

I launched my membership to start bringing in money on a consistent basis to relieve the stress of having to constantly find new customers, but also because I wanted my revenue to become more predictable.

Aside from the financial benefits, the sense of community that I’ve created by having my own “club” has truly surprised me. My ability to truly serve people increased substantially, while members will help each other as they form friendships too. Because of that many of my members have stuck around for years!

Laura helped me in MANY ways throughout my membership site journey. Firstly, she pushed me to start it in the first place when she could see I doubting myself and she helped discover the belief to get started. However she is immensely helpful on a strategic level too, and her launch skills are quite simply the best I’ve seen in the 10 years I’ve been working online.

Not long after joining Laura’s membership I remember thinking “this is group coaching done right”. I was hesitant to join because I’d been in a few coaching groups before and I never felt like the support was truly there. That is NOT the case with Laura and her group. If you show up yourself so that Laura can help you, you will not be disappointed.

Dan Netting

“Laura + TRIBE is the golden combination to have a highly successful business”

Lisa K., PhD – teacher, author and speaker specializing in intuition.
This year, what has added special magic sauce to my membership sales was Laura and her expertise on launching. Laura has helped me make better launches that get bigger results.

Before Tribe, my business was crawling along dependent on selling one-off courses. I struggled to get results.

Implementing Tribe and Stu’s teaching boosted my membership to double my business income in the first year after going through the Tribe course. But, I knew that even with recurring revenue from my membership that growing even further would mean I’d have to have better launches to get more sales. Once you have better sales with more members, your ongoing worry free monthly revenue is even higher.

This year, what has added special magic sauce to my membership sales was Laura and her expertise on launching. Laura has helped me make better launches that get bigger results. I’m ecstatic, Laura really knows just the things your launches need to bring in the sales. I saw instant results by putting in place just a few of her suggestions. I know it’s just going to grow from here.

I can’t emphasize enough what a golden combination of Tribe and Laura Philips is to have a highly successful business.

Lisa K

You’re in great hands

Alice Sheridan - artist and founder of the Connected Artist Club

I took Tribe in 2018 to help artists grow longterm, not with a one-off course. Places in my Club sell out within minutes each time I have opened it and it has given me a reliable income which underpins my other work as an artist – and allows me to help others. Laura works like me, from the heart. But she’s also tough and knows her stuff! She has the tools and experience to help support you and nudge you forward.

Abigail Chee - founder of EllieFun membership

Laura is amazing and a very hands-on coach who makes you feel safe during launching because things can (and do) go wrong. Her process is solid and her reassurance gets you through the challenges along the way! I only had a very small audience so I know it was Laura’s process and not my previous social media or email engagement that got me my first 15 founding members.

Sandy Moretta - Professional wedding planner

I was ’terrified of the tech’ before Laura! I launched my membership in January and actually enjoyed the experience, love working with my member brides, and am looking forward to my second launch in May. As long as you’re prepared to #dothework (her favourite hashtag) Laura takes you through every step and her coaching, care and community is second to none!

Ryan Levesque, best selling author of "Ask" and founder of the Ask Method

Laura was a speaker at our biggest event of the year ASK Live! She drops some of the most epic knowledge-bombs about launches and I’m so grateful for her contributions.

How to claim your bonus

It’s really important you follow these instructions to claim your bonus.

I recommend that you clear your cookies before clicking the sales page link below to ensure that you are successfully linked to my affiliate deal. Sometimes affiliate links can suffer from tech gremlins 🙂

Contact us at the bottom of this page if you need help with this – we’re here to help.

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If for some reason you don’t hear from me within 7 days of the program starting (and the email isn’t in your junk folder), it might be that you haven’t been successfully linked to my affiliate deal – in which case contact us and we’ll get that fixed. Sometimes links do break!

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for this bonus?

Not a penny! As a proud partner of the TRIBE I get a commission for every student I enrol in the program. I decided to share that commission with you, in the form of these bonuses, so you can get even more amazing results from the program. Why? Because after a wildly success first launch you’ll hopefully want to continue working with me in Launch and Thrive!

What happens when I sign up?

Once you have purchased the masterclass, I will be notified that you have joined under my bonus. Once cart has closed I will drop you an email to tell you how to access your bonuses and we’ll get to work!

I’ve already done TRIBE, can I buy your bonus?

Yes I am open to this – please reach out to me here and we can have a chat about whether this is a good fit for you.

When are the weekly coaching Launch and Thrive calls?

Wednesday at 9am and 7pm BST – although we do many other surprise calls throughout the week and we have recordings of everything so even if you can’t attend live you’ll get all your questions answered.

How can you give all this away for free? It is for real?

This was a real question we got on the live chat 😂 Listen lovely, I know we live in a crazy BS-filled world sometimes… but let me tell you why I put this bonus together. We only do this once a year, people get amazing results and when they do they come back and invest even more back in working with us for a reallllly long yime. So do you reckon it’s a great business decision to put our ALL into it? You bet. You win, we win.

Can I spread the cost of the TRIBE program?

Yes there is a payment plan to help you spread the cost of investing in the program.

Can I bring my business partner into your bonus with me?

Yes if you’re working with someone I actually recommend that you bring them into our bonus experience – having both of you working on your launch together with me will do amazing things for your launch success.

What happens after the 3 months experience?

You’ll have the opportunity to join Launch and Thrive and to continue the journey of working together! You can’t join my membership unless you’ve bought via this bonus or you’ve invested in one of my launch programs, so this is a sweet little bonus!

Got another question? Contact Laura here…

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