Starts on Monday 29th June

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It’s time to have your best launch ever!

Whether you’re a course creator, membership site owner, coach, consultant or expert – I want to show you why our way of launching is getting such incredible results right now!

Join me for a week of free live coaching to discover more. Just drop your email here to get started…

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Launches have evolved


Webinar show up rates are down 👎🏻, email open rates are down 👎🏻 and with more and more brands fighting for attention 🥊  you have to do more to capture, captivate and convert strangers into superfans.


In this free event we’re going to show you why our unique way of launching online offers is working better than ever!


You’re going to discover how to create unmissable launch events and learn some of the amazing things we’ve been doing with our clients – from complete newbies up to multiple 7-figure entrepreneurs.


AND… we’re going to show you how to have more fun doing it!

Enjoy a week of free online training and expert coaching

Discover how upgrading your mindset is the key to having wild launch success

 You can learn all the strategies and tactics but if you’re not “showing up like a pro”, then you’re likely to fall at the first hurdle. Laura is going to teach you the inner shifts that will take you from a frustrated freedom seeker to a thriving, joyful entrepreneur with WILD launch success.

Learn how online launches have evolved and what’s working now in launches

 Launches have evolved because the way we do business has changed! Learn how launches have evolved, why they had to, and how to change the way you execute them now to capture more of your audience’s attention, keep them captivated and increase your conversions.

Discover the easy and joyful path to building a thriving business using launches

Launches are an incredible way to build a wildly successful business! In the third workshop you’re going to discover what you need to do at each stage of the journey to build a thriving business using launches, even if you hate launches right now or you’ve not had much success.

You’re in great hands here


“Despite my launch success before Laura, I was the girl who hated launches – thanks to her guidance we’ve not only had our best launch ever but I can finally say ‘I LOVE TO LAUNCH’…”

Jasmine Star
Founder of Social Curator


“The shift from being focused on metrics to being focused on the experience resulted in our biggest launch ever – more than 160k EUR in revenue!”

Katharina Lewald
Launch Strategist


“Laura has a beautiful way of blending the art and science of launches – thats why people love her because she gets results. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Stu McLaren

Founder of Tribe

Got questions about the event?

What date does the event start?

The event starts on Monday 29th June and will take place for 1 week – you’ll want to make sure you sign up today so you don’t miss out on the action!

Do I need to have any experience to take part?

Our strategies work whether you’re just starting our or scaling to 7-figures! But there’s one thing we promise… no jargon! We make it easy for anyone at any level to enjoy our trainings, plus you’ll have plenty of coaching calls to ask your individual questions.

When are the training sessions?

Once you’re signed up you’ll receive the full schedule but don’t worry if you can’t attend any of them live – you’ll be able to catch up on the recordings for a limited time.

Does it cost anything to take part?

Absolutely not! Our special free event is something that we do twice a year and it doesn’t cost anything to take part. But free doesn’t mean low value… we put a lot of effort into making this event amazing for our audience so treat it like you paid for it and you’ll get the most from the experience.